Tap Titans Wiki
Weapon Upgrade Window
Full Weapon Set
Some attributes
First Hero DPS x 10
Second Hero DPS x 20
Third Hero DPS x 30
Other attributes
Fourth Hero DPS x 40
Fifth Hero DPS x 50

The Weapon Upgrade system is designed to reward players engaging in activities beyond normal game play, namely daily dungeon and tournaments. These upgrades affect your hired hero DPS, increasing it by 50% for every weapon upgrade collected, stacking additively.

The system becomes available and viewable once the first weapon upgrade has been rewarded to the player. The weapon upgrades button can be found at the very bottom of the Heroes panel.

There are 2 ways to obtain Weapon Upgrades:

  1. Complete the 5th day of the Daily Dungeon, or
  2. Get a rank of 160 or higher in a Tournament, which are held every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

Once the player collects at least one of each weapon upgrade, a bonus multiplier of 10 will be applied to all heroes' damage and another multiplier of 10 for every extra set you own.

Premium Weapon Upgrades[]

Premium Weapon Upgrades are only obtainable during the Monday tournaments. Functionally they are no different from a normal weapon upgrade, but when receiving a premium weapon upgrade you will get the one or several weapon upgrades you have the least of. This can be extremely helpful in completing a full set and gaining a x10 multiplier for your hero damage.