Tap Titans Wiki

This page is devoted for new players just starting out.

If you have prestiged a few times already, this page is for you.

Starting Out[]

It is recommended to put a mix between leveling up your character and leveling your heroes.

When you level your heroes, they will get different skills (not to be confused with ACTIVE skills) on levels 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800. A large majority of the heroes will have a bonus to their respective DPS on 10 & 25. These should be upgraded prior to unlocking the next tier of hero as it grants a fair power boost for gold spent. You should wait to upgrade past these levels until the cost of them becomes trivial. (If It costs 1B to upgrade and you have 1aa.)

Eventually around level 80-100 you will get to hero level 600. This will let you Prestige, which will give you relics to buy artifacts that increase your damage and give other bonuses. Do this as soon as possible but upgrade as many of your hired team's level as possible (Low cost first and spread it out) and ENSURE that you have a full party (Everyone is alive) because this is where a bulk of your relics will come from.

Buy one or two artifacts and spread out the upgrade among them to give you the most "All Damage %" (Tap Damage and DPS).

After Prestige

For stages 1-30, it is highly recommended to constantly level your hero as taps will kill a monster between 1-3 taps. Do this until around unlocking Milo and Clonk-Clonk or damage is slowing down.

Try to do a mix between unlocking characters and leveling between 10-25 (10 if getting gold fast and new characters are available or 25 if it is going a bit slower to do steady damage) and leveling your hero.

When unlocking skills focus on unlocking "Increase tap damage by x% of total DPS” and "Increase Tap Damage by x%" as these will lead to massive increases in tap damage. Also, "Increase Critical Chance by x%" and "Increase Critical Damage by x%" will also be really helpful.

After you get past Hero level 600+ and are able to prestige again, you can go further if you feel like you have the damage. Do this by leveling new heroes instead because by now, your older heroes have high levels and bonuses to stack your tap damage off your Hired Hero DPS.

Artifact Optimization[]

After you are able to get around level 250+ you will notice that the jump between Elistor & Flavius is pretty big and the cost of new artifacts is pretty high as well. One way to get past this point is optimize your artifacts.

You can sell all your weaker artifacts by tapping the name of the artifact, this will lower the buying point of the next artifact. This method costs a lot of diamonds so make sure you are stockpiling and not wasting on perks / resurrects.

Main artifacts to look for are:

  • Knight's Shield: +30% Damage and +100% Boss Gold.
  • Worldy Illuminator: Less monsters per level and +150% damage per level. ( Up to level 5: 5 monsters per stage instead of 10. )
  • Universal Fissure: +60% damage per level ( Not the best effect, but has a great % damage. )
  • Death Seeker: +2% Crit chance each level. ( Up to 50% at level 25 ).
  • Hero's Thrust: +15% Crit Damage.
  • Undead Aura: +5% more Relics on Prestige

After you get a few good artifacts you can then start collecting more and upgrading the ones you have.

Artifact Optimization Calculator[]

Reddit users (gxgx55, TheDutchman88, bsedmonds) have created a spreadsheet that calculates how to spend your relics for the biggest improvement.

To use it go to the Google Docs spreadsheet (Tap Titans Efficiency Calculator v2.2.2) You cannot edit it unless you make a copy. (File -> Make a copy) This will allow you to enter in your artifact and hero information.

Once you have filled out the blue column, the orange and red columns will automatically tell you want to upgrade next to get the most bang for your buck (relics). Keep the blue column up to date, and you'll always know where to invest next!