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It is an irreversible action of the main Hero, unlocked at level 600. It resets game progress:

  • Stages (you will start at Stage 1)
  • Gold
  • Player progress (level will be set to 1 and all skills will be rendered locked)
  • Squad composition (all heroes will abandon the squad and you'll need to hire them again, each at level 1)

The following however will be retained:

The main reason to prestige is to earn relics to purchase artifacts, which will help you to progress further in the game.

Joining a Tournament will prestige your Hero, even if you didn't reach level 600 in your current session.

Once unlocked, you can always select this action to see Prestige confirmation screen. There you can see how many relics and memory bonus it would bring. The screen can be dismissed. Only after confirmation the game will be reset.

Earning Relics from Prestige[]

The calculation for the number of relics earned from prestiging depends on 4 parameters:

  • Hero levels bonus: 1 relic = 1000 hero levels.

*Note: The level of your Main Hero does not contribute to the total hero levels. You can check the total hero levels on the statistics page in your settings.

  • Stage completion bonus: This prestige bonus will increase every 15 stages (i.e. 90, 105, 120, 135, etc). The higher the stage, the more bonus you'll receive per 15 stages when you prestige. A redditor, BenR1ghtBack, created a spreadsheet showing the amount of relics earned every 15 stages all the way up to stage 3000.

*Note: You do not need to defeat the boss on the 15th stage to receive the bonus, you only need to reach that stage (For example: Defeating the boss on stage 104 will give you an increase to the 'Stage completion bonus')

  • Full team bonus: If all heroes are alive when you prestige, the bonus relic multiplier will be increase by one
  • Prestige potion: If you have Prestige potion(s) when you prestige, you'll consume one prestige potion to increase the bonus relic multiplier by one

Formula for Relics:

If all of your heroes are alive and you have prestige potion(s): (Hero levels bonus + Stage completion bonus) x 3

If either one or more heroes are dead or you don't have prestige potion: (Hero levels bonus + Stage completion bonus) x 2

If one or more heroes are dead and you don't have prestige potion: (Hero levels bonus + Stage completion bonus) x 1


If you have unlock Spell Master, you'll unlock Memory Bonus for both Sword Master & Spell Master:

  • Starting Stage: You'll no longer reset back to stage 1, but you'll reset back to higher stage according to this formula:
  • Damage Bonus: You'll gain 2% damage bonus multiply by the highest stage reach by Spell Master (Bonus augmented every time you prestige)