Tap Titans Wiki

Perks can be purchased from the fourth tab, labeled by a star and colored green.

All perks are inherently unlocked throughout the game regardless of whether you have prestiged or not.


They can only be purchased with diamonds and they give powerful boosts to help you advance.

Perks can also be obtained by completing Day 3 of the Daily Dungeon.


Icon Name Description Cost
Make it Rain Make It Rain Receive a huge amount of Gold 100 Diamonds
Doom Doom Summon Grim Reaper. Instantly kills the monster. 100 Diamonds
Power of Holding Power of Holding Hits 30 taps per second for 120 seconds. 50 Diamonds
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield Protect heroes from boss killing for 24 hours. 100-3500 Diamonds1
Skill Refresh Skill Refresh Refresh the cooldown of all your skills immediately. 169 diamonds2

1Base cost is 100, it scales after Stage 100.

2Cost per skill is in order: 20+20+29+29+35+36, Cost doesn't change. Skill Refresh will activate for the cost on only one skill if the rest are running... and it refreshes all skills, great when you are reusing several times in a row.