The following introduction story is presented: “The world has been devastated by massive begins known as titans. With his power sword, this hero has taken it upon himself to restore peace and order.” This is followed by the opportunity to choose a name for your hero, Sword Master is the default.

To begin gameplay, you must deal damage to the titans by tapping the screen. The faster you tap, the quicker damage will be dealt. Your hero starts with Tap Damage of 1. Destroying each of the titans in Stage 1 will yield one gold. Gold can be collected by tapping on it (which will again, cause your hero to swing his sword), or by waiting 5 seconds for the auto-collect system to retrieve your gold for you.

Your Hero

When you have slain 5 titans, therefore collecting 5 gold, the screen will prompt you to select the First “Store Menu” button. Its background is red, with the icon of two crossed swords. This is the store used to upgrade your hero, Sword Master. The screen prompts you to select the Tap Damage upgrade button, which costs 5 gold for an increase of +1 DMG (plus one damage per tap). After selecting, a glowing blue light will shine below your hero, signifying that the upgrade has occurred. Store Menus can be left open without effecting your ability to tap the screen.

Your First Boss

After slaying the first 9 titans, your first mini-boss will appear. His name is G-Machine, and you have 30 seconds to slay him in order to advance to Stage 2. If you fail to slay him, you will be prompted with:

Failed to Beat the Boss. "You failed to defeat the boss in 30 seconds. You can try again by tapping the Fight Boss icon. Don’t forget to upgrade your heroes and come back when you’re stronger!"

The screen then prompts you to the location of the Fight Boss button, which is located at the top right. Once you are ready to try and fight the boss again, you can do so at any time by clicking that button.

Your First Hired Hero

After Reaching 50 gold, the screen will prompt you to click on the second “Store Menu” button. It’s background is blue, with the icon of a silhouette and dual-bladed axe. There will be popup tag on the button, saying “New”, meaning that there is a new hero available for purchase. The screen will then prompt you to click on the purchase button for the first purchasable hero: Takeda the Blade Assassin. His cost is 50 gold and he provides +4 DPS (4 damage per second) at level 1. This is the store that is used for purchasing new heroes, and upgrading all existing heroes.

After purchasing your first hero, the 3rd and 4th “Store Menu”s will appear. The 3rd is used for purchasing and upgrading artifacts. The 4th is used for purchasing and spending diamonds.

Once you reach Stage 2, each gold coin represents 2 gold, this trend will continue throughout the game as you advance.

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