Tap Titans Wiki

Heroes can be purchased and upgraded from the second tab, labeled by a person and an axe and colored blue. They provide you with autonomous gameplay, relieving you of the duty of tapping the screen in order to deal damage. While this is helpful, the great majority of damage that will be dealt will be via tapping the screen. Therefore, depending on heroes to play the game for you is not the best strategy.


Each Hero has 7 unlockable skills. These skills can be unlocked when the hero has been upgraded to the following levels: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800. Each skill grants a bonus or a boost to your gameplay via the increase of damage per second by some percentage or by increasing some other playable statistic.


All heroes can be evolved ONE TIME at level 1000, greatly increasing their DPS. Even if you level a hero to level 2,000 another prompt to evolve does NOT appear.

An evolved hero is marked with a golden frame.

Having all the existing heroes up to version 3.0.6 at level 800 gives total bonuses of: +145440% DPS, +230% Critical Damage, +816% ALL Damage, +470% Tap Damage, +7.3% DPS to Tap Damage, +452% Gold Dropped, +21% Critical Chance, +295% Treasure Chest Gold, and +2074% Damage on Boss

Note: DPS increase is applied only to that specific hero for which you leveled that skill for.

Number Hero Name Number Hero Name Number Hero Name
1 Takeda the Blade Assassin 2 Contessa the Torch Wielder 3 Hornetta, Queen of the Valrunes
4 Mila the Hammer Stomper 5 Terra the Land Scorcher 6 Inquisireaux the Terrible
7 Charlotte the Special 8 Jordaan, Knight of Mini 9 Jukka, Master of Axes
10 Milo and Clonk-Clonk 11 Macelord the Ruthless 12 Gertrude the Goat Rider
13 Twitterella the Tweeter 14 Master Hawk, Lord of Luft 15 Elpha, Wielder of Gems
16 Poppy, Daughter of Ceremony 17 Skulptor, Protector of Bridges 18 Sterling the Enchantor
19 Orba the Foreseer 20 Remus the Noble Archer 21 Mikey the Magician Apprentice
22 Peter Pricker the Prickly Poker 23 Teeny Tom, Keeper of the Castle 24 Deznis the Cleanser
25 Hamlette, Painter of Skulls 26 Eistor the Banisher 27 Flavius and Oinksbjorn
28 Chester the Beast Tamer 29 Mohacas the Wind Warrior 30 Jaqulin the Unknown
31 Pixie the Rebel Fairy 32 Jackalope the Fireballer 33 Dark Lord, Punisher of All