Tap Titans Wiki

Gold is the ubiquitous currency used in the game.

As you advance in stages, levels, and zones, gold coins dropped from creatures, bosses, and chests will represent larger and larger denominations of gold.


Gold is obtained by:

  • Killing monsters
  • Collecting the sack/chest/hoard of gold when you return from a period of inactivity
    Collect Gold
  • Fairy chests
  • Hand of Midas: either as your active skill or as a fairy chest reward
  • Purchasing the "Make it Rain" perk for 100 diamonds (amount received is based on current stage)

There are many hired hero upgrades that will help with gold earnings via percentage and increased Chesteron amount.

9 of the 29 Artifacts influence gold earning, some in minor ways, while some can change your earnings immensely.

  • Amulet of the Valrunes
  • Chest of Contentment
  • Crafter's Elixir
  • Crown Egg
  • Divine Chalice
  • Future's Fortune
  • Knight's Shield
  • Laborer's Pendant
  • Ring of Opulence