Tap Titans Wiki

This page is devoted to helping intermediate players advance after several prestiges have been made.

If you need help starting out, this page is good for you.

Baseline Hero Levels[]

To establish damage and gold generation for late game progression and wall tackling, there are hero level levels that need to be made to give players faster and easier stage completions because they unlock skills that give meaningful advancements for trivial gold spent.

NOTE: This is an overall baseline to give you and outlook in preparation to take walls and advance late game. This means that you should not be spending your gold to level these heroes up if they cost a significant amount of your current gold.

Hero Suggested Level
Takeda the Blade Assassin 400
Contessa the Torch Wielder 400
Hornetta, Queen of the Valrunes 800
Mila, the Hammer Stomper 800
Terra the Land Scorcher 400
Inquisireaux the Terrible 400
Charlotte the Special 800
Jordaan, Knight of Mini 800
Jukka, Master of Axes 400
Milo and Clonk-Clonk 800
Macelord the Ruthless 400
Gertrude the Goat Rider 800
Twitterella the Tweeter 400
Master Hawk, Lord of Luft 800
Elpha, Wielder of Gems 400
Poppy, Daughter of Ceremony 800
Skulptor, Protector of Bridges 800
Sterling the Enchantor 800
Orba the Foreseer 800
Remus the Noble Archer 800
Mikey the Magician Apprentice 400
Peter Pricker the Prickly Poker 800
Teeny Tom, Keeper of the Castle 400
Deznis the Cleanser 800
Hamlette, Painter of Skulls 400
Eistor the Banisher 800
Flavius and Oinksbjorn 800
Chester the Beast Tamer 800
Mohacas the Wind Warrior 800
Jaqulin the Unknown
Pixie the Rebel Fairy
Jackalope the Fireballer

Chesterson Grinding[]

You can take advantage of the Chesterson trick if you're taking longer than 12 seconds to kill a normal mob, and you don't have artifacts that can give more gold: enter a boss battle and leave repeatedly until Chesterson appears.

Without the Crown Egg artifact, Chesterson has a 2% chance to replace a normal enemy, so it's going to be about 50 times in and out, on average, for each Chesterson. Chesterson, without hero skills or the Chest of Contentment, gives 10 times the gold of a normal enemy. At 2 seconds per mob reset, you can find a Chesterson every 100 seconds. That means on a 10 minute interval, you should find 6 Chestersons, which is the same gold as killing 60 normal enemies.

Since Chesterson naturally appears about once every 50 mobs, that means you would have to kill 50 mobs (and the Chesterson) to break even, assuming your finger tapping rate is consistent and the extra mob is negligible. To make that happen in 10 minutes, you must average at most 11.76 seconds per mob. If you're going way slower than this, which is common at walls, use the trick.

Hero Walls[]

Walls in Tap Titans are like any other wall: it's a reduction in the progress one can make in the game. It can even halt progress. Hero Walls in particular are the reduction in potential Hero DPS since the next hero to unlock costs so much, and leveling up other heroes will give only a fraction of the DPS the next hero can give at level 1 alone.

Eistor Mini-Wall[]

The first sign of trouble you will get will be unlocking Eistor after Hamlette, which will cost you a hefty 2.36hh, a lot compared to the 10.02ee or 418.13ff you can get. With the money to unlock Eistor, you could start evolving the first heroes.

This is not much of a worry, just keep leveling Hamlette until approximately level 100 (around stage 180-190, depending on your All Damage modifier and artifact seeds) or until the gold you gain is quick enough to pay for Eistor.

Flavius Wall[]

The first real wall in this game is unlocking the hero after Eistor, Flavius. When you first encounter it, it will be extremely obvious to you because bosses take >15 seconds to kill. There are two main methods if you want to try to pass the wall.

1. Level Eistor to 230 and Evolve Master Hawk, Lord of Luft and level him to at least 1030.

2. Level Eistor to around 260 and get to at least Stage 330.

You can prestige if you need more damage or it takes a few minutes to kill a single monster before stage 320.

You can also use Make It Rain if you have spare diamonds but it is recommended to save diamonds for artifact rerolls unless you got the perk from Daily Dungeon.

Once you reach +4,000% All Damage, you can afford to completely bypass this wall by just leveling Eistor.

Chester Wall[]

To acquire Chester, you'll need to get to stage 540 and be willing to wait it out or get to stage 545 and have a much quicker time.

To help you overcome this wall, +5,000% All Damage is recommended. Important artifacts like Death Seeker, Ring of Wonderous Charm, and/or Hero's Thrust make this wall much easier to bypass.

Level these heroes in this order:

  1. Level Flavius to 365.
  2. Level Teeny Tom to 1,010.
  3. Level Flavius to 380.
  4. Level Teeny Tom to 1,025.
  5. Level Flavius to 400. Note: Do NOT spent gold on the skill upgrade
  6. Level Teeny Tom to 1,050.
  7. If you are still struggling, level Deznis to at MOST 1,005.

Mohacas Wall[]

To acquire Mohacas, you'll need to get to stage 830 and be willing to wait it out or get to stage 840 and have a much quicker time.

To help you overcome this wall, +11,000% All Damage is recommended. Important artifacts like Death Seeker, Ring of Wonderous Charm, Worldy Illuminator, Crown Egg, Tinture of the Maker, Drunken Hammer and Hero's Thrust are required to make this wall much easier.

Level these heroes in this order:

  1. Level Eistor to 800 at stage 620-630 and keep leveling Chester.
  2. Keep leveling Chester to 520. This part will be extremely tough (stages 730-780). Pop everything to advance stages. Level Flavius to 800 at the same time.
  3. Level Flavius to 1,025. You will be around stage 820 to 835. Keep grinding the gold to get Mohacas.

Jaqulin Wall[]

Jaqulin is fairly easy to achieve, compared to Mohacas or Chester, but if you need some help, here are some tips:

  • You'll need to get approximately to stage 1060 which should be enough to get the gold to buy her.
  • If you are having some trouble, probably you need prestige and wait a couple prestiges before mohacas (this way is faster and you get more prestiges per minute).

If you are not having any trouble, just follow these steps:

  1. Level Mohacas between 350 and 400.
  2. Level Chester to 1025.
  3. Wait a couple of stages and you will have your brand new Jaqulin.

Pixie Wall[]

To acquire Pixie, you'll need to get to stage 1330-1350 and be willing to wait.

You will probably have the same problem you had when you tried to reach mohacas for the first time, so if mohacas was a crazy grind, your best move is to prestige. The gap between Chester and Mohacas is practically the same between Jaqulin and Pixie; 1E+20 to be more precise.

If you think you have enough damage to acquire pixie,which is by the way around the same as mohacas, +11,000%, follow the steps:

  1. Level Jaqulin to 500 or so.
  2. Then try to evolve Mohacas.
  3. Once you evolve Mohacas a couple of levels, Pixie should come easy.

Jackalope Wall[]

To acquire Jackalope, you'll need to get to stage 1640 and be willing to wait.

To help you overcome this wall, +10,000% to 20,000% All Damage is recommended. The cost gap is 1E+20, so if you think you are not prepared, feel free to prestige. If you think you can make it, follow this steps:

  1. Level Pixie to 400.
  2. During this time, you can try to evolve Jaculin as she will give you a little help.
  3. Keep leveling Jacqulin until 1200-1250 and should be enough for you to have the money to buy Jackalope.

This wall is pure grinding for the first timers so just keep pushing 40 or more stages. You will feed the urge to prestige, but, if you do, you will have so much more relics than your last prestige, and luckily maybe you can overcome this wall on the second try.

Dark Lord Wall[]

The precise stage you achieve Dark Lord is not concrete because it depends entirely on your artifacts but you should get him around approximately stage 1930.

So just follow this steps to get your last and strongest hero:

  1. Level Jackalope until 400.
  2. Evolve Pixie. She will overcome the DPS from Jackalope by far. And after this is just waiting until you have the gold to buy our last hero.