Tap Titans Wiki

Questions are arranged from general to more detail-oriented.

1. Where can I see my total critical chance?

You can see your total critical chance by tapping on Settings (the cog icon) then Statistics (The bar graph).

2. Where can I see my total hero levels?

You can see your total hero levels by tapping on settings (the cog icon) then Statistics (The bar graph).

3. Where can I change the game's language?

You can change your language by tapping on settings (the cog icon) then Language (with the different flags).

4. Why don't I see a tournament icon?

You need to make sure you have prestiged at least once, you can prestige once you reach level 600 and prestige will unlock, you will lose all your heroes and your gained levels but if you reach a certain stage number, you will receive relics which can help you unlock artifacts.

5. Where is my friend code?

Tap on Friends (the person thingy icon) next to Settings (the Cog Icon) and your Friend Code will be at the bottom. Then post it in the Friend Codes page in order to get people to add you and be able to party with them.

6. How do I get relics?

You get relics when you prestige, 1 per 1000 hero levels, and a varying amount beginning from 1 for every 15 stages you reach from stage 90. If all your heroes are alive, you will get twice the sum of the aformentioned rewards. Ex.: 20000 hero levels = 20 relics, Stage 105 = 4, All heroes alive = Yes. This means the final count is (20+4)*2 = 48 relics. For more information check the Relics page.

7. How do I get weapons for my heroes?

Participate in the tournament and place in a rank between 1-160 to gain a weapon upgrade for your heroes, another alternative would be to participate in the daily dungeon and beat it for 4 days in a row, then if you participate and beat it on the 5th day you will be rewarded with a random weapon upgrade.

8. Why should I evolve my hero?

Evolved heroes have better DPS but lose all their skills. So when you feel it's getting tedious to pass a stage, try evolving a hero, you may find it easier to move with that. Try to level up the

9. When should I prestige?

When you feel you can't advance any more and its getting tedious to even pass one boss or even mini-boss.

10. How do I get tournament points?

By participating on the tournaments held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and placing in a rank between 1-200.

11. What should I do with my diamonds?

You can use them on perks which give you different benefits or buy gear that gives a cumulative bonus % to your main hero or reviving your heroes.

12. What are the best perks?

Depending on what you want to do. If you are in need of gold, you can use Make it Rain and get some instant gold.

Using Guardian Shield prevents your heroes from being killed in a boss battle, which is helpful when in a tournament.

Using the Power of Holding along with Hand of Midas helps a lot when in need of gold but you can't afford the Make it Rain perk and helps you advance at the same time.

13. What artifacts are the best?

This article categorizes artifacts into tiers based on their effect on the game. Artifact Tiers

14. How does the game decide how you get placed in a tournament?

It puts you in a bracket that is comprised of 200 competitors that have similar stats and signed up in a similar time-frame. (Must check this.)

15. What is classified as cheating?

Cheating is classified as the use of third-party programs in order to get an unfair advantage over others. For example, Auto-Clickers, Modded apks, modifying the save file, among other things.

16. How do I optimize my relic spending?

There is a website called YATTO that helps you optimize your spending, depending on your obtained artifacts and levels.

17. When should I get permaclone?

As soon as you can because it is extremely helpful.

18. Where can I learn even more about Tap Titans?

There is a subreddit for Tap Titans where redditors talk about many things Tap-related.