Tap Titans Wiki

Occasionally, a Fairy will fly onto the screen. By tapping it, the fairy will drop its chest and present you with a gift. The gifts that it gives include:

  1. Small amount of gold based on current stage - 1000% total monster gold.
  2. Increase Tap Damage based on current level of Berserker Rage active skill (30 x skill level + 40)%  - 15 Seconds.
  3. Increase Critical Chance by current level of Critical Strike active skill (3 x skill level + 4)%  - 15 Seconds.
  4. Increase Hero Attack Speed by current level of War Cry active skill (50 x skill level + 100)%  - 15 Seconds.
  5. Clone Attacks with current level of Shadow Clone active skill (3 x skill level + 4) times/sec - 15 Seconds.
  6. +1 Diamond.
  7. Ultimate Gold: Watch a short video to receive 5000% total monster gold.
  8. Ultimate Hand of Midas: Watch a short video to receive 200% Monster Gold per tap, for 15 seconds; 1 monster gold is the value of One Gold Coin as dropped from a titan in the current stage.  
  9. Diamonds: Watch a short video to receive 5 diamonds.

If a video is declined no reward will be gained; this is not a problem if you disable fairy ads by purchasing diamonds.

Artifacts that extend the duration of active skills will also apply to fairy rewards. Currently, there is a bug where sometimes ads won't appear. Here is a way to solve this problem.

Getting the double fairy rewards bonus from the daily dungeon will make two fairies appear every time one is supposed to. Moreover, there seems to be less advertisements with double fairy rewards.

'NOTE: Active skill activations will activate your current level OR level 2 active skill, whichever is higher. Critical Strike is the exception which AT LEASE INCREASE 30% 'Critical Chance.