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Daily Dungeon

Daily Dungeon is a new system where you defeat a boss for rewards, scaling up in health depending on the level you are currently on.

Every day, you can complete this once and once you accept the challenge, you are teleported to a dark room with the boss.

The player has 24 hours to complete the challenge before it resets back to day one.


  • Day 1: Strigoyo
  • Day 2: Zozopegos
  • Day 3: Abraxean
  • Day 4: Valstulanok
  • Day 5: Baalszandor

Reward List[]


The key to completing the daily boss is using all your active skills.

If you have just used the Make It Rain perk, it also makes it considerably easier because boss health is based on level, not gold accumulated or DPS.

If you have considerable artifacts and levels on them, you can also complete daily dungeons without active skills if you prestige and fight them at the early stages.


  • The 50 diamonds reward was removed when the Tournament update came.