This article elaborates on methods for people attempting to pursue illegal work-arounds. It is for the sole purpose of the pursuit of knowledge.

We are in no way condoning cheating, and any advertisement of cheats anywhere in this website, whether in the comments section or otherwise will be promptly deleted and can be subject to further disciplinary action by administrators.

All of these are well-known cheats in Tap Titans that if used in official Tournaments, can get you placed in future Tournaments with brackets solely with offenders who have also cheated.

  • Time Regression
  • Auto-Clicker (Auto Key Presser if on BS)
  • Perk Glitching
  • Save File Modification
  • Modding .apk/.ipa for Advantages.

As a rule of thumb, it is supremely difficult for players to hit the stage cap of 3,500. If there is a large bridge between first and second place or if the stage cap is reached within a short amount of time, there is a cheater in your tournament.

If you see that ranks 1 through 10 are all at the stage cap, it is highly possible that you have been caught cheating by the system and will now be placed in these Tournaments for the forseeable future.