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This net This net 22 December 2016

The Tap Titans 2 Wikia.

Hey there. I'm just letting everyone know about the Tap Titans 2 wikia. It's very empty and we'd appreciate it if some of you could come over and help us (well, mainly me at the moment) add some pages and such.

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Master Dracolich Master Dracolich 25 November 2016



Player Name: Rigor Mortis

Friend Code: wx25xxy

So yeah hello everyone and this is my current progress in tap titans. A quick overview of my statistics then relics and other stuff. Feel free to use it for your own progression.

(In Progress)

For me, I just needed these basic artifacts to become really omnipotent.

1. Worldly Illuminator

2. Tincture of the Maker

3. Brew of Absorption

Now, what helped me progressed so far

1. Overseer's Lotion&Ogre's Gauntlet

2. Barbarian's Mettle&Axe of Resolution

3. Parchment of Importance

Since I am a fast tapper, I needed

1. Death seeker

2. Hero's Thrust

and last but not the least, and ultimately essential to progress




I believe that every player needs …

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Aphosphorusinvention Aphosphorusinvention 12 March 2016

Crafter's Elixir & Flavius

So I finally broke down and bought my 13th Artifact, Crafter's Elixir. Upgraded it up to level 12 for 180% gold in plans to make the rush to my prestige point (315) much, much easier. To my surprise it made getting to Flavius less than a half-hour of work. So Crafter's Elixir is much more helpful than I was expecting. I'm sure it doesn't hold a candle to Crown Egg/Chest of Contentment combo, but for now it soldifies the rush to Flavius. 

So the plan for up to Prestige 30 is bouncing back and forth upgrading Crafter's Elixir and Undead Aura. Then we'll go on for Artifact 14, still hoping for Death Seeker or Tincture of the Maker for the one before and as the half-way point.

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Greg The Dinosaurus Rex Greg The Dinosaurus Rex 19 December 2015

I have a question!

Are there any helpful bugs I can take advantage of? Any REALLY useful tips that are for things not intended, like prestiging before you go into the tournament so you can prestige twice? I wanna git gud.

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Hadeas Hadeas 24 September 2015

Prestige Potions

Please tell me how i can get PRESTIGE POTIONS? Im know how its work but i dont know how it get :D

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Spikerock.master Spikerock.master 26 July 2015

Tournament Guide

This is a guide for tournaments. The most important thing is Enable Guardian Shield or else you risk losing a key hero. Second, if your in a tournament, you should have the worldy illumator maxed out.

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Tenroujima Tenroujima 21 July 2015

Major Remodel of Website

Shopping List:

Feel free to add/edit the page. If you want to comment just write what you have to say under the corresponding passage and sign with (moved down because it was deemed unnecessary.)====

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Klymstra Klymstra 3 June 2015

Guide how to evolve faster

Hi there community my name is Klymstra and this is my guide of how to pass the "HARD" stages to get to the next heros.

1. From Takeda the Blade Assassin to Eistor the Banisher their is no really trick to pass that phase you juste need to go as far as you can and prestige.

2. From Eistor the Banisher to Flavius and Oinksbjorn once you reach jj money you can evolve Twitterella the Tweeter and after evolve Master Hawk, Lord of Luft, and you should reach Eistor, but you may not need it cause you have enought dammage and they dont bring a big bonus.

3. From Flavius and Oinksbjorn to Chester the Beast Tamer whm you have oo you evolve Teeny Tom, Keeper of the Castle, and you should have Chester around lvl 540 easily.

4. From Chester the Beast Tamer to…

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Axioras Axioras 3 May 2015

Heroes and Skills

Guys, I would like to know if there's anything else that should be added to the skills and Heroes page. Like the costs for the Skills per level or something else?

Also, for heroes, what else would y'all recommend? Total Skill Bonus? Or anything else?

Leave your suggestions on the comment section.

Have a nice day,


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Natanos Natanos 22 January 2015

Wiki Theme

So I noticed that this wiki's background and theme are a bit bland, so I wanted to change it up. I was thinking of using one of the ingame backgrounds for the sides. Which stage backgroud would look best?

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