Tap Titans Wiki

Active skills can be purchased and upgraded from the first tab, labeled by two crossed swords and colored red. They must be activated manually, and thus do not contribute to AFK gold. After activation, they must cool down for 10, 30, or 60 minutes before they may be used again. These cool down rates can be reduced by half and their durations can be extended via aquiring and leveling artifacts. Active skills are unlocked through leveling your hero/player.


Image Name Description Cooldown Unlocks
Heavenly Strike Heavenly Strike Deals 70 x (1 + skill level) x tap damage after a short delay. 10 Minutes Level 50
Shadow Clone Shadow Clone Performs (3 x skill level + 4) taps per second for 30 seconds. 10 Minutes Level 100
Critical Strike Critical Strike Increases critical chance by (3 x skill level + 14)% for 30 seconds. 30 Minutes Level 200
War Cry War Cry All HIRED heroes attack (50 x skill level + 100)% for 30 seconds. Does not affect tap damage. 30 Minutes Level 300
Berserker Rage Berserker Rage Increase tap damage by (30 x skill level + 40)% for 30 seconds. Does affect Heavenly Strike. 60 Minutes Level 400
Hand of Midas Hand of Midas Get (5 x skill level + 10)% monster gold each tap. 60 Minutes Level 500
Prestige Prestige Resets game progress but retains diamonds, relics, artifacts and weapon upgrades. None. Level 600

Active Skill Synergy[]

Some skills work well together by synergizing together.

  • Shadow Clone and Berserker Rage: Rage increases each shadow clone tap damage.
  • Critical Strike and Berserker Rage: Rage increases damage of critical strikes.
  • Shadow Clone, Berserker Rage and Critical Strike: From the two above, all three can synergize together, increasing shadow clone tap damage AND damage of crits.
  • Heavenly Strike and Berserker Rage: Rage increases Strike damage by a huge chunk.
  • Hand of Midas and Power of Holding: Holding causes Midas to activate on every tap.


  • In some rare cases, skills may restart all by themselves without spending the diamonds. Possible cause is letting the game run in background for some time before actually playing it.
  • PATCHED When using Heavenly Strike be sure not to tap for 3 seconds while it is casting because otherwise it may fail to do any damage. The animation will play, but there will be no flash and no number that displays damage dealt. (Patched in version 3.0.3)