Tap Titans Wiki

Tap Titans is a free, action, mobile game available for Android & iOS users through the Google Play Store and App Store.

Developed by Game Hive Publishers, a Hong Kong based company, the story goes:

“The world has been devastated by massive beings known as titans. With his power sword, this hero has taken it upon himself to restore peace and order. How do you do it? You must tap!”

Following, you are given a choice to name your epic hero, with Sword Master being the default name.


This game is focused around tapping your screen repeatedly, in so dealing damage to the titans. The faster you tap, the quicker damage will be dealt. Your hero starts with tap damage of 1. Slaying a titan will yield gold , one of four currencies, which you can use to spend on skills and hire heroes. Gold can be collected by tapping on it (which also causes your hero to swing his sword), or by waiting 5 seconds for the auto-collect system to retrieve your gold for you.

After leveling your player's skill level to 600, you have the choice to prestige, which resets everything but your weapon upgrades and any artifacts and relics you have obtained previously.

Currently, the highest Zone level possible in the game is Level 3,500.