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• 1/27/2015

How does the all damage increase from artifacts work?

How does the all damage increase from artifacts work?  Is it multiplicative by an artifact at a time?  I can't figure it out.  The base damage your character starts with is 1.  My artifacts give me 14,000% bonus damage, at lvl 1 on new prestige he only does 380 or something like that in damage...So, I'm confused.  There's a lot about this game that is done sloppily.  And nerfes to heroes and artifacts and stats without letting us know are also bs, but that's for another topic.

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• 2/18/2015

Its easily to calculed 

Base dmg + % from Artifacts and Abilites from Heros


100 (base dmg) + 500 %= 100 + 500= 600 dmg 


if you got a new artifacts etc you have so much dmg

100 (base dmg) + 500%(old) + 50%(New)= 100 +  500 + 50 = 650 DMG

Hope you understand it :D

sry for this bad english mechanix i am from Germany

• 5/19/2015

14000 % = 140 * 100%, so your base damage is x140

For level 1 after prestige, (1) is your base damage, and with 14000% DPS it will be (140) damage

Also, main Hero custumization (sword) can raise your DPS (max 87%), but i'm not sure how you got 380

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